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De Koninck

Lost in Spice now permanently available

The brewers at De Koninck are constantly experimenting. This has led not only to Triple d’Anvers, the Bolleke De Koninck and Wild Jo, but also to one-off test brews in a fantastic range of colours, aromas, tastes and styles. These test brews are available on tap – while supplies last – at various cafés in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In the spring of 2015 the first test brew was created: the Imperial Red Ale. Followed by Russian Imperial Stout (October 2015), Pierre’s Bock (March 2016) and Lost in Spice (July 2016).

In November 2016, it was the season for number 5, ‘Bier van A’, and in February 2017, Sven Dekleermaeker and chocolatier Jitsk created ‘Mint The Chocolate’. Each one of them have been beers that push the envelope. On the De Koninck website, fans can rate and react to each test brew. And guess what? Lost in Spice, the fourth test brew that was launched in July 2016, was such a big hit with the public that the City Brewery will be making it permanently available on the market.

Whether the De Koninck brewers were really lost in space… or spice, when they created this concoction, we’ll never know. But the fact is that they loaded up the hop gun with their favourite spices: ginger and cardamom. In addition, orange peel, coriander and lemon were also added to the mash tun, resulting in a refreshing, pithy blond beer of 5.2% alcohol with fruity notes of citrus and a spicy aftertaste.